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General info


DOB: 30.10.2015

DOD: 04.06.2021

HEIGHT: 54 cm

HD: A excellent


EYES: clear



2010 - present

2010 - present

About her

Madison was our keeper out of our Shelby who passed away in August, 2016 due to aggressive illness. 

Unfortunately, Madison passed away in 2021 due to sepsis after the birth of puppies and C-section. 

You will be missed forever and always. The beautiful moments you shared with us will always speak of a great dog that you were. Now you can be happy up there with your mommy Shelby .

Madison, you left six beautiful almost 2 weeks old puppies here and we can’t be more grateful for that.

GOT ANOTHER CARAMEL del Rey de la Montana Blanca (WW CH Luke Skywalker Amber Lines x CH Dirty Caramel del Rey de la Montana Blanca)

30.10.2015 - 04.06.2021

Breeding is so many times a big nightmare, all breeders know this very well. When the breeder knows there’s some problem, the 6th sense smash your face and the breeder goes...Madison had a C-section after the birth due to one, much bigger dead puppy. Her abdominal wall was so weak. That week her stitches didn’t go well and due to weak wall her intestines went out. Overall we needed to make 2 resurgeries in one week. The last one was next week, she was weaker and weaker, which was absolutely not logical, the last surgery went well. Due to babesiosis and sepsis Madison left us.

The most important thing is to have one veterinarian, who does the best to save the dogs’ life and not saying to not stress or “calm down”.

No we never calm down when we see Madison or another family member is leaving and the vet who doesn’t trust the owners’ feelings and can’t recognize the priority of treating her first and wait with another patients does something very bad.

Rest In Peace our angel, you will be so much missed. Please, tell your mommy, Shelby, that we will meet once again up there!!!


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